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Which Department to Go to for Neck Pain

Which Department to Go to for Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by many reasons, especially in office workers, people who spend a lot of time inactive in front of the computer, people who have the wrong sitting position and various neck diseases.

Neck pain can cause a decrease in the quality of life of people. With various diseases such as neck hernia, almost unbearable pain can occur. In general, people with severe neck distress, who suffer a lot, may have difficulty in moving their heads up and down, left or right. In particular, diseases such as neck hernia can cause a great deal of limitation of movement.

Causes of Neck Pain

Mechanical causes are the most common cause of neck pain in people who experience neck pain. Mechanical reasons are the reasons such as not using the muscles that allow the neck to move correctly, staying in the same position for a long time without moving too much. It is mostly done by sitting at a desk and working with a computer for a long time.

There are various methods to prevent neck pain caused by mechanical causes. In some cases, high blood pressure can cause pain in the nape and neck region. However, neck pain that occurs due to increased blood pressure decreases with the button of the tension and then passes. Diseases such as stenosis in the neck canals, neck hernia, can also cause neck pain.

Types of Neck Pain

Neck pain is divided into 3 classes according to duration.

Acute pain lasting less than 4 weeks

Subacute pain lasting 4 to 12 weeks

Chronic pain lasting 3 months or more

Which Department to Go to for Neck Pain

A person with neck pain may have a pain that can be relieved with minor exercises and rest in neck pain, which is primarily due to mechanical reasons. However, if there is a persistent pain in the neck despite all rest and exercises, they should apply to physical therapy outpatient clinics or orthopedic outpatient clinics in hospitals.

Necessary examinations should be made by a specialist physician and the cause of neck pain should be determined. After the determined factor, the treatment determined by the specialist physician should be applied. Physical therapy and orthopedic outpatient clinics in hospitals are units dealing with neck pain.

Apart from these, people with neck pain should apply to neurosurgery if deemed necessary. The cause of the pain in the neck can be nervous. If there is any neural cause, neurosurgery deals with this pain.


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