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Beton Duvarda Işık


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I was born in 1975 in Eskişehir. Primary, middle and high school  I studied in Eskişehir. In 1992, I won the Ankara Gülhane Military Medicine Faculty with the university exam. I spent my medical school years in Ankara as a boarding military student. I graduated as a doctor in 1999. I did my post-graduation continental service in İzmir Yenifoça 7th J. Private Training Regiment. After the continental service, I started my neurosurgery specialization training in Istanbul Haydarpaşa GATA Neurosurgery Clinic in 2001. I graduated in 2007 as a neurosurgeon specialist. I did my eastern service at Van Military Hospital. Then I was appointed to Izmir Military Hospital. After serving in Izmir for a while, I completed my compulsory service and resigned from the TAF in 2011 and settled in Istanbul with my family. I started my professional life in the private health sector. I still work this way at the moment. I am married and have 2 children.


  • lumbar hernia surgery microsurgery

  • Fully closed endoscopic herniated disc surgery

  • epidural steroid injections

  • Back and neck pain treatments

  • Laser hernia treatment

  • Neck hernia surgery microsurgery

  • Neck spinal canal narrowing surgery

  • Spinal canal narrowing surgery

  • Lumbar shift (spondylolisthesis) surgery

  • Spine fracture surgeries

  • degenerative s lichen  surgery

  • brain hemorrhage surgery

  • Hydrocephalus shunt surgery

  • Cerebellum prolapse (Chiari malformation) surgery

  • Nerve compression surgeries

  • brain tumor surgery

  • spinal cord tumor surgery

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Your brain and spinal cord and spine help you in everything you do. Here, in the game, until the precious time you spend with your loved ones. A healthy spine is strong and flexible, moving with you in daily activities and helping you keep up with other people and experiences.

This website is intended for patients to make informed decisions about their brain, spinal cord and spine health and to access the information they need for their own treatment. I believe patients deserve real solutions, real answers and real hope. From the search section below, you can easily start navigating the information you are looking for by searching the site. You can also follow on social media.


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