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Smartphone Addiction Harms Your Child's Mental Health

Smartphone Addiction Harms Your Child's Mental Health

Is your child glued to their cell phone? Does he or she constantly check online and social media frequently? Looking for viral cat and bunny videos? Then your child may be at risk for mental health. According to a study conducted at Korea University, we should be seriously worried about our children.

According to research, 82% of Americans have a smart phone, 92% use a smart phone while shopping, 78% while eating something at home, and even while crossing the street with 44%.

According to another study, 73% of young people use smartphones, and 92% of them say they are online on their phones every day.

Researchers state that smartphone addiction has reached dangerous levels, especially in young people with internet and smartphone addiction, causing brain chemical imbalances, thus leading to depression and anxiety in these young people. In the study, compared to the control group, GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) and Glx (glutamate-glutamine), which play an important role in behavior in the brain, were found at higher levels in the anterior cingulate cortex.

Although technology has an important role in human life; These studies show that we need to limit our children and keep them under control.


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