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How can our spine be healthier?

How can our spine be healthier?

​​About 80% of us will experience spinal problems in one way or another throughout our lives. In most of us, this problem will come and go, but in a small part of us, the problem will continue and perhaps we will have surgery. The onset of spinal problems is around the age of 30. In general, the onset is neither too early nor too late.

People forget that our spine is part of our central nervous system. We control our body with the messages our brain sends to millions of nerves. An unhealthy spine; It seriously affects our lives by causing symptoms such as numbness, tingling, weakness and pain in our arms and legs.

Below are small warnings about how our spine can be healthier.

good posture

You remember your mother telling you, "Please don't lean forward, stand up straight!" Perhaps most of us do not pay attention to a condition that is critical to our spinal health and can be simply corrected.

How about good posture? If your ears and shoulders are in line, you have good posture.

What should you eat?

You don't think diet affects your spine, do you? Protein-rich, healthy fats, plenty of fruit juice and vegetables strengthen our muscles that support the spine and provide us with a more upright posture.

A little sunbathing every day

Believe it or not, the sun has a miraculous effect on our bodies, including our spine. Sunbathing for 10-20 minutes daily provides the necessary vitamin D for our bones and spine.

How long do we sleep?

Studies show that lack of sleep increases neck and back problems. 6-8 hours of sleep is enough time for our spine to relax.

do daily exercise


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