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Tumors' weak spot found in cancer

Tumors' weak spot found in cancer

Scientists have discovered a weakness in cancer that causes tumor cells to overstretch and self-destruct.

According to the news of AA; According to the study published in the journal Nature Cell Biology, scientists who have been investigating the gene called MYC, which causes the growth of tumors in many types of cancer for years, have discovered a mechanism that may be the "Achilles Heel" of MYC.

In this process, it was determined that the tumors disappeared if the protein called ATF4 was prevented from feeding the tumors.

Scientists observed that when they deactivate ATF4 proteins in cells, the tumor cells continue to build too much protein and are destroyed by stress.


In this way, tumor growth was inhibited in mice with lymph and colon cancer. Professor Constantions Koumenis, from the team that led the research, said: "We learned that we need to dig deeper to inhibit tumor growth so that cancer cells cannot escape, and our study set this goal."

Doctor Feven Tameire from the team stated that they will continue research on why ATF4 works in this way, whether this method has serious side effects and whether it will work in humans.

Masses formed by uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells are called tumors.

Tumors can appear anywhere in the body.


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