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Tight jeans also 'cause back pain'

Tight jeans also 'cause back pain'

According to a study conducted in England, one-third of women complain of low back pain. Many clothes and accessories, from high heels to tight jeans, are among the usual suspects for back pain.

But while all women admit that they sometimes feel pain because of their clothes, they don't pay attention to how healthy they are.

In the research of the British Chiropractic Association (IKB), it is stated that clothes and accessories that are preferred due to fashion concerns but are not suitable for the human body trigger back and waist disorders.

While 73 percent of the 2,000 women participating in the IDB survey stated that they had low back pain, 28 percent said that they were aware that their clothes changed their posture, but they did not take this into account when choosing their clothes.

It is not right to wear high heels for a long time

The effect of high-heeled shoes, which cause stretching of the muscles in the leg and calf area and change the natural posture of the body, on low back pain has been discussed for a long time.

However, Tim Hutchful from IDB states that tight jeans and heavy jewelry can also be harmful to health, and points out that this type of clothing can disrupt the body's natural posture and cause health problems in the long run.

IKB advises women to stay away from clothes and accessories that restrict normal movements in order to avoid back and waist pain, especially not to wear high-heeled and backless shoes for long hours.

It is stated that wearing different types of clothes every day and emptying the unnecessary objects in the arm bag frequently reduce the harmful effects.


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