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The syrinx is cyst cavitation inside the spinal cord. It can occur in congenital, cancer cases or after spinal traumas.

There are 2 types:

Communicating syringomyelia: It is the enlargement of the central canal in the spinal cord. It is generally associated with foramen magnum anomalies (Chiari Type 1).

Noncommunican syringomyelia: This type is mentioned if the cyst is in the spinal cord and not associated with the central canal or in the subarachnoid distance. The actual syrinx cavity contains CSF.

It develops very slowly clinically and takes years to progress.

Syringomyelia Symptoms:

loss of feeling

Pain in the neck and nape area

It is a loss of strength in the arms and hands.

Diagnosis of Syringomyelia; It is placed with MRI.

Posterior decompression

Shunt application

Syringostomy, that is, mouth opening of the cyst.

Methods such as aspiration of the cyst are used.


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