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Ski Accidents Beware of Spine Injuries!

Ski Accidents Beware of Spine Injuries!
Ski Accidents Beware of Spine Injuries!

During skiing, injuries to the knee and upper body occur most frequently. Our lumbar spine is overloaded. This causes the emergence of back diseases or an increase in the existing disease.

So How Can Spinal Injuries Happen While Skiing?

While skiing, the whole body should be in harmony

Carrying heavy skis, boots, and other ski equipment can cause lower back strain and loss of balance.

Falls, sprains and concussions while skiing put an excessive load on the spine.

When sliding on rough terrain, the jolt puts a strain on the spine and surrounding soft tissues.

Preventing Spine and Sports Injuries While Skiing

When falling, you can avoid spinal injuries by avoiding straightening yourself.

Before skiing, you should prepare for skiing by exercising for at least 6 weeks.

Before you start skiing; before more difficult stages, do warm-up exercises by sliding down easy hills

Those who have back problems, taking lessons from more experienced ski instructors should definitely take into account what is said.

After skiing, applying heat to the pain areas caused by cold relaxes the muscles.


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