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Sciatica, or sciatic pain, describes pain that starts with low back pain and radiates to the hip and leg. Pain usually occurs as a result of lumbar hernia pressing on the nerve, bone compression or muscle tension.

Sciatica - Symptoms of Sciatica

It starts with back and hip pain. It usually happens on one leg. Sciatica pain extends from the back of the thigh to the knee and leg, and sometimes to the foot. The pain is felt more intensely in the leg than in the waist. The character of the pain; While it is in the form of burning, stinging, cramping, it can vary from mild to severe. Numbness and tingling may also be felt in the leg and foot. The pain is exacerbated because the load on the spine is too much while sitting. Bending, twisting pain increases and decreases while lying down.

Sciatica - Causes of Sciatica

Piriformis syndrome: It is a condition that occurs as a result of the contraction and spasm of the piriformis muscle pressing on the sciatic nerve.


Lumbar Hernia (lumbar disc herniation)

Narrow Canal (spinal stenosis)


Lumbar Slip (spondylolisthesis)


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