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Parasite detected in your brain!


After the eight-year-old girl's constant epileptic seizure, something like that came out... 100 tapeworm eggs were detected in the brain of the unnamed child.

According to the news in the British newspaper Daily Mail; An eight-year-old girl who had constant epileptic seizures and headaches was given steroid treatment, considering that she might have a cyst in her brain. After six months, the little girl began to be short of breath and unable to walk. After the scans, they determined that the little girl had 100 tapeworm eggs in her brain. After the maggots were removed from her brain, the little girl recovered and started walking.

Doctors think that these maggots in the unfortunate boy's brain came from unwashed fruit or uncooked pork.

The little girl's father said, "We had no idea that our daughter was suffering from a terrible disease. First she was started on medication to relieve the swelling on her head, and then therapy to kill the tapeworms. So she started to lose the weight she gained from steroids and returned to school. "We didn't have the slightest idea that she might suffer from a terrible disease. But I think it shows that we were lucky that the maggots were found before they hatched and we got the right treatment before it caused further damage to our daughter's brain."


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