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NovApproach launches OneLIF interbody fusion device at NASS 2023

NovApproach Spine recently discussed "multiple surgical approaches" at the 2023 North American Spine Society (NASS) annual meeting (October 18-21, Los Angeles, USA). announced the full market launch of its patented OneLIF interbody spinal fusion system.

Spine surgeons face a multitude of complex and variable problems every day, often in a very challenging environment," said Raymond Cloutier, CEO of NovApproach. said. “Our OneLIF cage was 'born' from the desire to offer a more versatile, less complex implant. It was my pleasure to work with some of the world's most respected spine surgeons to deliver the groundbreaking OneLIF device and SupineATP approach."

OneLIF offers surgeons a single cage that supports three different approaches to the patient's lumbar spine: anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF), LateralATP approach, and SupineATP approach.

This versatility allows surgeons to optimize their approach, while the OneLIF cage's six fixation screw options and two inserter positions provide "unprecedented flexibility" for varying patient pathologies, according to a NovApproach press release. offers. The statement said surgeons have received "excellent clinical feedback" on the device since its limited launch in early 2022. It is also stated that he shared.

Payam Moazzaz (Tri-City Medical Center, Oceanside, USA) "No other device supports this type of intraoperative decision making," said. "I can insert the interbody piece directly anteriorly or obliquely from the ATP [anterior to psoas] and still maintain four-screw fixation with safety features to prevent screw extrusion."

"I think accessing certain levels of the spine can be challenging depending on the patient's anatomy. The multi-hole design of the OneLIF cage addresses this,” he said. added Erich Richter (Covenant Health, Saginaw, USA). “Additionally, the SupineATP approach allows my access surgeon to expose multiple levels of the spine without the need to reposition the patient.”

Sunil Jeswani (San Diego Spine and Brain Institute, USA), "OneLIF allows surgeons to access the biomechanical advantages offered by an ALIF while minimizing retraction to critical soft tissue structures and vasculature," he said.


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