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Microsurgical Lumbar Hernia Surgery

Microsurgical Lumbar Hernia Surgery

The main feature of herniated disc surgery performed with microsurgery is that it is performed using a microscope.

In microsurgical back surgery, a small bone section on the nerve is removed and the hernia under the nerve is removed. This procedure is performed with microsurgery, also called microdiscectomy. It is generally a more effective method for leg pain than low back pain.

Microsurgical back surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The patient is placed prone. The waist is slightly bent. By determining the appropriate disc distance to the middle of the waist, 3 cm. A skin incision is made. The lumbar muscles are separated from the bone and stripped. By removing some bone, an area is opened where the surgeon can work. A microscope is brought to the surgical area. The microscope helps us to enlarge the surgical field. After the ligament, which we call the yellow flavum, is removed, the nerve root is pulled to the side towards the midline. The part pressing on the nerve is found and removed with surgical instruments. It is sufficient to reduce the pressure on the nerve. After a good surgery, the level of pain is greatly reduced. The recovery process in the loss of strength may take some time.


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