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Lumbar hernia - hernia

Lumbar hernia - hernia

The spine consists of 33 vertebrae. The canal between the vertebrae of the spine contains the spinal cord, which is important for our lives. Currently, spinal problems are prevalent, especially in young people and the middle generation. Sometimes these problems can be solved on the operating table. Popularly known as spinal hernia, spinal hernia is one of the most serious diseases of the spine. The elastic structure of the intervertebral discs contributes to the mobility of the spine and its resistance to loading. There is a jelly-like area on the inside of the discs (pulpous nucleus) and a special layer on the outer surface (filrose ring). When this order is violated, the "grija" that we fear occurs. Lumbar hernia itself occurs after several stages. The condition is to prevent it at the previous stage. In the elderly, the intervertebral discs become loose and the discs lose their elasticity. Those who carry heavy loads, constant movement with a heavy load leads to this situation. People who do not hold their body upright and sit as if they are washing often get spinal disease. People with weak muscular systems and overweight people also face this situation. Those who have a sedentary job and sit in front of a computer for hours are also included here. Finally, those who are injured in an accident are among those who suffer from spinal cord injuries. Meanwhile, I would like to note that pregnant women should pay attention to the spine throughout the situation. Indifference to the body can be a problem in the future.


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