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Joimax launches new iLESSYS biportal interlaminar endoscopic surgery system

Joimax will present its new iLESSYS biportal interlaminar endoscopic surgery system for the treatment of spinal disorders at the recent EUROSPINE 2023 (4–6 October, Frankfurt, Germany) and the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS; 5–7 October, Las Vegas). introduced. USA) annual meetings celebrate its global debut.

It will also be presented at this week's annual meeting of the North American Spine Society (NASS) (October 18-21, Los Angeles, USA).

The new instrument set, iLESSYS Biportal for unilateral bilateral endoscopy (UBE), expands the broad range of Joimax endoscopic offerings by separating the instrument working port from the endoscope, allowing free relative movement between the two, according to the company's press release.

iLESSYS Biportal offers a full range of instruments specifically designed for biportal spinal endoscopy, with the following features:

A special triangulation tool that simplifies access triangulation of two ports

Two-port special work tubes with built-in irrigation output control for precise water management

Larger, more powerful tools for effective tissue ablation and resection

Javier Quillo-Olvera (Brain and Spine Care Group, Querétaro, Mexico) says, "This system is excellent and will allow me to perform surgeries not only bilaterally but also with both hands." said. "iLESSYS Pro allows me to use the working channel endoscope. I am excited to use this on my patients.”

Joimax said EUROSPINE participants were "impressed" that this comprehensive system could be used as a dual-port system and be suitable for dual-manual surgical procedures. claims. Moreover, iLESSYS played an important role during the expert talks and stimulated the debate on when to use the transforaminal (TESSYS) versus interlaminar (iLESSYS) approach for a particular spine disease.


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