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Campaign for Glioblastoma Research in the UK

He was taken to A&E with suspicion of stroke and was later diagnosed with glioblastoma.

Mr. Simons, a former UPS delivery driver, had no symptoms until a few days ago; He experienced numbness in his right hand, followed by stiffness in his right leg and a severe headache.

Mrs Saunders said, "Having to tell my mother that Paul had the same type of brain tumor is something I will never forget." he said.

Mr Simons died seven weeks after his diagnosis in November 2018, while his mother died 11 weeks later at the age of 77.

Ms Saunders said: "Words cannot describe what we are going through or how much my brother and mother are missed and loved."

Dr Millar's work will improve understanding of how glioblastoma cells evade the immune system and continue to grow.

The new project also aims to sensitize glioblastoma cells to immunotherapy to greatly increase the chances of survival.

The second grant is to Dr. Dr., a postdoctoral researcher at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. It will be given to Spencer Watson.

Glial scars, the term used for the damage left after treatment for glioblastoma. It aims to find out whether it creates a protective environment for tumor cells left behind after treatment.

Emma Thompson, head of research at the Brain Tumor Charity, said: "Our aim is that this research will help us accelerate the treatment of brain tumours.

"We know that glioblastomas are incredibly difficult to treat due to their complex structure.

"Therefore, funding this innovative research, which aims to understand how the immune system responds to tumor cells and cells that promote tumor recurrence, is important if we are to find new therapies that will enable us to find better ways to treat this disease."


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