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Brain Surgeons Can Become History with Artificial Intelligence

An emerging neurosurgeon says brain surgery performed with artificial intelligence is possible within two years and could be safer and more effective.

Intern surgeons are working with new artificial intelligence technology to learn the fine points of brain surgery from a keyhole-sized gap.

With this method, detailed at University College London, small tumors and critical structures such as central blood vessels are highlighted.

The government calls it a "real game changer" for healthcare in the UK. He says it could happen.

Criticism structures

The brain is delicate and laborious; One millimeter of wrong turn could kill the patient instantly.

It is very important to prevent damage to the grape-sized pituitary gland located in the center of the brain. It controls all the hormones of the body and any problem with it can cause blindness.

If you keep your approach too small, you run the risk of not getting enough of the tumor," says Hani Marcus, neurosurgeon at the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery. says. "If you get too big, you run the risk of this criticism really damaging the structures."

The artificial intelligence system analyzed more than 200 videos of this gate pituitary surgery and achieved in 10 months an experience that a surgeon could gain in 10 years.

The model is a "patient"; "Surgeons like me, even if you're very skilled, are better off finding that edge in AI overall, even without it," said Mr. Marcus, a surgeon who uses the AI trainer on him. he says.

"Within a few years you may have an AI system that performs more operations than any human being can see or experience before death."

Intern Dr. Nicola Newell also described it as "very useful". finds it. "This helps me guide the model during the surgery and helps me determine what steps and what steps to take next." he says.

'Marvel superhero'

Government Minister for Artificial Intelligence, Viscount Camrose, says: “Whatever is done, artificial intelligence makes the balls much more productive.

"It almost turns you into the Marvel superhero version of yourself."

In this type of technological healthcare, the rules can be changed, outcomes for everyone can be improved, and it is "very promising" He said there might be a future sun.

University College London (UCL) is one of 22 universities recently awarded by the government to help revolutionize healthcare in the UK.

Welcome / engineers, clinicians and scientists at the International Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Interventional and Surgical Sciences Center are working together on the project.


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