Exercises for Back Pain

While in the supine position, one knee is bent and the other leg is kept straight. The straight leg is slowly elevated. The same movement is repeated for the other leg as well.Stand approximately one meter away from and with your face facing a wall. While bending your elbows; reach towards the wall and move your face closer to and further away from the wall, without moving your feet or lifting your heels up from the floor. Repeat the same movement in the corner, with one leg bent in front of you.Lay backwards on a flat surface; bend your knees; with the soles of your feet on the floor, lift your waist region up from the floor. Count till 10, and relax.

In crawling position, the back is first bent and then hunched. While in the same position, as one arm is slided and extended forward, the other arm is bent from the elbow. The same movement is also repeated for the other arm.

While in the prone supine position; the upper body is lifted up on the hands, in 5 stages, without removing the hip from the floor.




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