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Covid 19 Delta Variant does not cause more severe disease in children than alpha

According to the results of a study conducted in the United States (USA), the Delta variant of the dangerous corona virus does not cause a more severe Covid-19 disease in children than other variants.

According to a study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of severe COVID-19 in children is not much different than it was in January 2021, when the Alpha variant of the virus marked the epidemic. The research also reveals that the vaccine provides a very high level of protection in young people.

In the USA, the rate of hospitalization of children up to 17 years old due to corona virus seems to increase. In mid-August, it was reported that this rate was 1.4 per 100 thousand population.

On the increase, scientists compared the 3,100 cases of hospitalizations recorded in January with 164 cases of children and teenagers recently hospitalized for the Delta variant. As a result, it was announced that there was not much difference between the two in the process of overcoming the disease.


Scientists examining whether the Covid-19 disease, caused by Delta and Alpha variants of the Corona virus, causes a more severe disease process in children, also shared data on intensive care.

According to this, the rate of those who were taken to intensive care among children and young people who caught Covid-19 and were hospitalized during the period when the Alpha variant was dominant in January 2021 was 26.5 percent.

It was reported that this rate was around 23.3 percent in the last period, which was marked by the Delta variant. While 6.1 percent of them were intubated before the Delta variant, it was stated that this rate was 9.8 percent in the Delta variant.

While it was stated that the differences caused by the two variants in the progression of the disease in children were not statistically significant, it was pointed out that scientists should examine other data in order to reach a definite conclusion.

In the USA, children can be vaccinated from the age of 12. It was noted that 59 percent of the 68 young people hospitalized in the country between 20 June and 31 July were not vaccinated, five of them had only the first dose, and only four of them had full protection as two doses. Based on this, it was noted that unvaccinated children with Covid-19 were ten times more likely to be hospitalized compared to vaccinated children.

Covid 19 Delta Variant does not cause more severe disease in children than alpha
Covid 19 Delta Variant does not cause more severe disease in children than alpha


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