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A 13-Year-Old Died After a Sinus Infection Traveled to His Brain. How Does That Happen?

A Michigan community is in mourning after the death of 13-year-old Marquel Brumley, and the circumstances behind the eight-grader’s death are certainly alarming: After being diagnosed at an urgent-care facility with a viral infection that would “run its course,” Brumley’s symptoms—including severe headaches—got worse.

Brumley reportedly went to the emergency room several times but was sent home each time with over-the-counter pain medication. It was only when his face became swollen and lost muscle movement that doctors performed an MRI, which revealed a sinus infection that had “penetrated through the bone into the blood vessels in the brain,” Brumley’s aunt told People. Doctors performed surgery to control the infection, but blood clots had already formed, cutting off oxygen to his brain. Brumley died days later...More


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